The Appeal of Lesbian Sex To The Straight Man

Top porn searches of adult sites released the past few years have opened many eyes. They have shown things about what type of pornography people watch. With so much free porn available online, the numbers of those watching continues to spike. Still, the most surprising out of the various stats available, was the number one genre. For both men and women, lesbian porn topped the list. This led to several questions as to why so many enjoy girl-on-girl porn. More importantly, why do straight men like lesbian sex or lesbian pornography so much? What exactly is the appeal to them of two girls kissing, licking and fingering each other?

Although none of the searches were scientific, they do provide glimpses. They also help paint a better picture of what kind of pornography people enjoy the most. Most expected genres such as MILFs, teens, Asian, ebony and Latina to be there. Even lesbian porn was not a big surprise. The actual shock was that it was number one or so popular in the first place. When it comes to the answer as to why straight males like lesbian porn videos so much, the answers are contrasting. There are those who speculate that some men enjoy watching girl-on-girl porn out of homophobic views. The point they make is that straight man don’t want others to find them aroused by the image of another naked male. By watching lesbian porn videos, the possibility of that happening is negated.

One of the major reasons most agree for the appeal of lesbian porn for men is the quantity. Males are visual creatures and are pleased through their eyes. An image of a hot and sexy beautiful girl are gratifying enough. If the girl is playing with herself and showing her nice boobs, then it’s even better. Once she starts to masturbate and touch her vagina, the arousal points begin to spike. And as they say in general, two are better than one. Such is the case in most girl-on-girl porno movies. They depict not just one gorgeous and titillating female, but two. In some cases, more than two such as the lesbian threesome or gangbangs.

No matter what, the result is the same in the overall picture or image. That is being able to see two or more highly-sexed and lecherous females engaged in sex. Another factor to consider is that men live in fantasy worlds when it comes to sex acts. Most have vivid dreams or fantasies involving sex with two or more women. Even men who are married or in serious relationships ponder the idea of their partners with another woman. Inviting a third girl to the bedroom is a popular fantasy for most men. The vast majority would never ever let their woman be touched by another man. But they won’t mind as much if it’s a hot girl. In fact, a large portion of men would welcome their wives or girlfriends engaging in hot sex with another female.

In addition to these reasons, some also believe men like lesbianism due to the sexual excitement it brings. That is to say once they learn that a hot girl is in fact a lesbian. While she may not have to engage in lesbian sex, they do enjoy that fact about her. Men also like their lesbian smut without too much actual lesbianism. This means real butch or dike type of lesbian porno. Those kinds of adult sites and lesbian porn videos are not as popular. Even straight women who enjoy lesbian porn will agree to that. It’s important to remember that males being obsessed with two or more women engaged in sex has been going on for centuries. Paintings from long ago depicting some form of lesbian acts – albeit very subtle – were quite popular. Scientifically, studies have shown that men are sexually aroused and stimulated merely by the site of a woman. Once you add sex and another girl to the picture, the arousal levels go up. It may help explain why out of all the endless free porn available online, most choose lesbian porn.

An image of a hot and sexy beautiful girl are gratifying enough. If