9 Lesbian Myths Debunked

9 Lesbian Myths Debunked

When it comes to preconceptions about certain people and things, there is no shortage of them. Lesbians have many stereotypes about them going around. However, like most preconceived notions, they tend to be false, wrong or inaccurate. Some of the myths involving lesbians tend to center on how or why they have sex. Others can be about their eating habits or something else. Irrespective of which, these debunked lesbians myths put an end to some of the most popular ones out there.

Lesbians Despise Men – No one knows if this myth about lesbians comes from men themselves trying to cater to their ego or something else. But it is still one you hear all the time. Perhaps some think that gay women must hate men in order to love women. Yet the truth is most lesbians will tell you that they don’t hate guys. Unlike straight women who spend all their time complaining about men, lesbians couldn’t care less. They also don’t depend on men to satisfy their needs.

Lesbians Are Checking You Out – This misconception has been going on for a long time. Many in locker rooms often feel that lesbians may be looking at them or checking them out. But just like you, lesbians are there to do what you do. That is to shower, change or put on deodorant.

Gay Women Are Vegetarians – Lesbians are often thought to be vegetarians for some reason or another. Perhaps this comes from people thinking that they don’t like meat based on their choice not to put a penis in their mouth. Whatever it is from, it is not true.

Lesbians Are Very Athletic – Regardless of what you may have heard, not all gay women are super athletic. In fact, many of them hate sports.

Lesbian Butches Want To Be Men – Just because a lesbian butch woman looks masculine doesn’t mean she wants to be a man. For them, they are simply being butch women.

Lesbian Women Are Not In Love With You – This myth refers to straight women lesbians meet. Once they come out to them as lesbians, the women assume is because the lesbian is in love with them. But, it just them telling you they are gay.

All Lesbians Are Great At Oral Sex – Without question this is something everyone assumes about lesbians. They think that gay women are experts are eating vaginas. And that they love oral sex. Yet there are some lesbian women who don’t really care for it. Others are not that good at it.

Lesbian Sex Isn’t As Good As Traditional Man & Woman Sex – According to lesbians, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, they want for nothing. Some go as far as saying that they have more fun than traditional sex between a man and woman.

Lesbians Are Experts About Other Lesbians – In the same way men don’t know everything there is to know about other men or women, lesbians don’t know all about other lesbians. From how they have sex, how many there are and so on, the list goes on.

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