Why Women Are Leaving Men for Lesbian Relationships

Why Women Are Leaving Men for Lesbian Relationships

Society has a way of setting trends. Once something begins to be popular, others begin to do it. Before long, the floodgates open and everyone starts to jump in on the bandwagon. That synopsis may be part of the reason that women having sex with other women has become popular in culture and society. Presently, there are many women who are leaving the men they have been with to date another woman.

Heterosexual females breaking up with their male partners to get into a lesbian relationship appears to be going on a lot lately. Famous celebrities have been doing it which brings more attention to the subject. No matter where you stand on the argument, the truth that this is something that would be unheard of not too long ago. Yet now it appears to become fashionable in some form and acceptable.

Actual statistics on the exact number of women who have done this are hard to know. Part of that is because data on couples who are married, living together, single or divorced is available. The U.S. Census Bureau keeps all of that info on these people and even those of gay couples. But what happens after the couples breakup is not something they keep track of. Still, stories on blogs, social media, TV and others help paint the story. They show that these alternative relationships are spiking dramatically. A portion of them coming from straight women who left their partners for a lesbian.

When these women are asked why they suddenly did a 180-degree turn on their relationships and sexual status, the answers vary. Women in serious relationships tend to become bored or dissatisfied faster than males do. Once that happens, they want to explore new things. A lot of these women end up getting into relationships with other females they were friends with a long time. That comes to another cause behind the lesbian liaison. Women are more emotional and place bigger emphasis on intimacy. They may have that already with a female friend they known a while. Often, the emotional bond begins before it turns sexual.

Another ground for the rise may be due to a woman’s dissatisfaction in the bedroom. There are many women out there who even though they been in long-term relationships, have had trouble reaching orgasms. Additionally, many men ignore how crucial foreplay is to women and sex in the first place. You also have men that for some reason or another, never give their female partners oral sex. Or at least don’t do it correctly enough where the female achieves an orgasm.

Again, this can be traced back to intimacy, how safe, happy and emotionally connected the woman feels. Any woman will tell you how important it is for her to feel comfortable with someone when it comes to sex. Females also mention emotional baggage as a cause for getting involved with a lesbian. They don’t have the high degree of emotional problems with another female as they do with men.

Experts also believe that since we live in the age when people feel free to pursue things, many are willing to try new ones. Still, some women who been with men all their lives say that they simply cannot choose whom they fall in love with. It sometimes just happens; even if it is with another woman. There are some studies which suggest heterosexual females are turned on by erotic films of both lesbian and straight sex. Men on the other hand, do not find gay porn sexually arousing. It appears that even lesbian porn turns straight women on. In the end, it all spells bad news for men in relationships with females.

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